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class _incydr_sdk.departments.client.DepartmentsV1(parent)

Client for /v1/departments endpoints.

Usage example:

>>> import incydr
>>> client = incydr.Client(**kwargs)
>>> client.departments.v1.get_page()
get_page(self, page_num=1, page_size=None, name=None)

Get a page of departments. Retrieves department information that has been pushed to Code42 from SCIM or User Directory Sync. The resulting department names can be used to include departments on watchlists.


  • page_num: int - Page number for results, starting at 1.
  • page_size: int - Max number of results to return for a page.
  • user_id: str - Matches departments whose name is like the given value.

Returns: A DepartmentsPage object.

iter_all(self, page_size=None, name=None)

Iterate over all departments.

Accepts the same parameters as .get_page() excepting page_num.

Returns: A generator yielding individual department names (str).