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File Events

class _incydr_sdk.file_events.client.FileEventsV2(parent)

Client for /v2/file-events endpoints.

Usage example:

>>> import incydr
>>> from incydr import EventQuery
>>> client = incydr.Client(**kwargs)
>>> query = EventQuery(start_date='P30D').equals('file.category', ['Document', 'SourceCode'])
get_saved_search(self, search_id)

Get a single saved search.


  • search_id: str - The unique ID of the saved search.

Returns: A SavedSearch object.


Get all saved searches.

Returns: A list of SavedSearch objects.

search(self, query)

Search for file events.

If the search response contains a next_page_token value, it will automatically be set on the query object's .page_token field. So if a query results in more total events than your set page size, you can just make another call to .search() with the same query object to fetch the next page. To get all events from a query, continue calling search with the same EventQuery object until the response has an empty .file_events field.

See File Event Pagination for more details.


  • query: EventQuery (required) - The query object to filter file events by different fields.

Returns: A FileEventsPage object.