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Directory Groups

class _incydr_sdk.directory_groups.client.DirectoryGroupsV1(parent)

Client for /v1/departments endpoints.

Usage example:

>>> import incydr
>>> client = incydr.Client(**kwargs)
>>> client.directory_groups.v1.get_page()
get_page(self, page_num=1, page_size=None, name=None)

Get a page of directory groups. Retrieves directory group information that has been pushed to Code42 from SCIM or User Directory Sync. The resulting group IDs can be used to include directory groups on watchlists.


  • page_num: int - Page number for results, starting at 1.
  • page_size: int - Max number of results to return for a page.
  • name: str - Matches directory groups whose name is like the given value.

Returns: A DirectoryGroupsPage object.

iter_all(self, page_size=None, name=None)

Iterate over all directory groups.

Accepts the same parameters as .get_page() excepting page_num.

Returns: A generator yielding individual DirectoryGroup objects.